The Counseling Department will support the student learning process and promote academic  and social achievement.  Counselors will respond to the developmental needs of their students in the area of personal/social growth, academic performance and post-secondary education.  Counselors will work closely with faculty/staff, families, community partners, and support services to promote student success.

FCCA Resources

Department Contact Person Phone Number
Main Office Mrs. Hernandez, Mrs. Woods  773-534-3400
Dean of Attendance Mr. Pollak  773-534-3402
Deans of Discipline Ms. Ackerman, Mr. Herrera  773-534-3741
Special Education Mrs. Moore  773-534-3829
Billingual Mrs. Treacy 773-534-3409
Enrollment Office Mrs. Swiatek 773-534-3549
School Nurse Ms. Tyrell 773-534-0162
Service Learning Coaches Mr. Goodman 773-534-0163
Business Manager Mrs. Alongi 773-534-0150
Athletic Director Mr. Bernstein 773-534-3417
ROTC Col. Jacobson 773-534-3403
Gear UP Mrs. Huschitt, Mrs. Rosado 773-534-0163