Edwin_G._ForemanForeman High School, named for an outstanding Chicago banker and civic leader, Mr. Edwin G. Foreman , first opened in October, 1928, as a Junior High School. When Junior High Schools were abolished in Chicago (1933) we became a full-fledged  Senior High, graduating our first senior classin 1937. Our school has grown rapidly since then, in both size and attendance. In the 1950s it provided space for the Chicago Teacher’s College. During this time, the student enrollment was only 1,000. When  the Teacher’s College branch left the building, Foreman’s district was enlarged and the student population grew. Today, Foreman has approximately 1,800 students and 110 faculty members.

Foreman’s school colors are gold emblazoned on a field of blue. Our emblem, the Hornet Buzz, is well-know in the field  of Chicago Public High School competition. We compete in football, bowling, and swimming. Our students win prizes in competition in the field of art, and the Music and Fine Art Department yearly present a musical play and a Spring Festival of the Fine Arts. We hold in high regard our yearbook, The Foremanual, because it presents the Foreman student’s life so thoroughly and attractively.

Carved high above Foreman High’s main entrance is our motto ” A brave man may fall, but cannot yield.” Our school reflects the high standards of our community. Its graduates are prominent in all phases of Chicago’s professional and business world. This is our school. Help us to help you to continue this proud tradition.