Foreman College and Career Community,
I am pleased to be entering into my second year as your Principal and Instructional Leader! Last year was great! Even though our School Quality Rating hasn’t been officially calculated yet I will give you a quick preview.

 Our graduation rate has risen over last year.
 Our College persistence rate has increased over last year.
 Freshman on track is higher than it has ever been!
 Dropout rate has dramatically decreased from last school year.
 Seniors earning college credit has increased. We were recognized for having 15+ seniors graduating with over half a semesters worth of college credit.

As soon as I get definitive numbers I will publish them but to summarize, our freshmen are doing better than they ever have, more and more of our seniors are graduating and staying in college, and all levels of our students are staying in school!
All of this in one year!

The entire first floor has been re-plastered and painted to brighten up the halls. There is now a lively feel and a clean canvas to showcase the work of our students this school year.
Our community is starting to notice the positive changes in our learning community. As I write this letter we are almost one hundred student over CPS projections for this school year. That means that our community is beginning to understand that we are a strong alternative to send their students.

In the current tumultuous political times of our nation FCCA is proud of our diverse student population. We represent and serve all. Our student population includes Hispanic Americans, African-Americans, Asian American, Arab American and Caucasian Americans. We also have a strong population of and welcome with open arms students of all backgrounds, faiths, and orientations. All of our students matter.

Disney Studios was impressed with our building and decided to use our façade in one of its productions called Raven’s Home! Click here to see your neighborhood High School on national network TV!
I am determined to continue to move FCCA along the continuous improvement trajectory that we are on. I will continue to focus on improving our student academic outcomes, and high school experience to prepare them for College and Careers.

I am also focused on improving our learning community relationships with all of our public stakeholders! That means you!