What is PARR?

PARR is an approach to changing school systems that is also known as Positive Behavior Support (PBS). To efficiently improve behaviors, academics, and school climate, we gather information continuously to evaluate what is going well and what needs to be improved. We always use data like attendance information or discipline referral numbers to help us make decisions.
We first target school-wide (universal) issues such as clarifying and teaching expectations for behavior, improving or creating school policies, improving curriculum, and increasing communication between students, staff, and administration. We also find ways to reward students and staff who help us meet goals and improve behaviors.
Once we have these universal improvements in place and running smoothly, we will look at secondary levels of support, for groups of students who are still not meeting behavior, academic, and attendance expectations. We design intervention systems for those students based on what we think might be causing the problems. We are just beginning our secondary supports process through a pilot in our freshman SLC houses.
Students who are not responding to universal and secondary level supports will need extensive tertiary level intervention. Our counseling department, social worker, outside support services, and/or special education team may become involved at this point. Plans for a tertiary level support system are in the works.

PARR was developed from the concerns of staff and students regarding the climate of the building.
It is designed to improve:
*Safety issues
*Respect throughout the building
*School wide policies
*School Morale/ Spirit

Acknowledgement Committee
Members of the acknowledgement committee are responsible for creating, implementing, and monitoring ways to acknowledge people who do the right thing here at Foreman. The PARR committee tries to find many different ways to thank people who contribute to a positive school climate, staff and students alike.

Student acknowledgements
Buzzy Bucks – small blue cards given to students at random when they are “caught” being Productive, Appropriate, Responsible, and Respectful. Buzzy Bucks can be saved up and cashed in at our school store any day after school from 2:45 to 3:00. Items in the store include snacks, candy, school supplies, and Foreman spirit gear like T-shirts and knit hats
Attendance prizes – goodie bags, raffle entries for prizes, admission to special functions, or other small “thank you” tokens a few times per year for students who meet our attendance goals
Birthday cards – every student gets a birthday card and pencil, as close to their birthday as our acknowledgement committee can muster!
School-wide celebrations – if we meet discipline, attendance, and/or academic goals as an overall school, we have a large celebration once or twice per year. Typically it is a cookout toward the end of the school year.
• Winners of our division challenges (see information regarding the teaching committee) win prizes including a traveling trophy and a pizza snack on their way out of school.

Staff acknowledgements
• Occasionally we pull Buzzy Bucks for a raffle. Both the student and the teacher on the winning ticket receive a small prize.
• The PARR committee plans a thank you lunch for staff once or twice a year as we meet goals toward school improvement.
• Our administrators choose target time periods where we need extra supervision in the halls. They have developed tickets for staff members similar to Buzzy Bucks that are entered in raffle drawings for prizes.
Buzzy Bucks can be redeemed for school supplies, Foreman apparel and snacks at the FHS DEPOT located next to the main office. FHS DEPOT will be open after school everyday from 2:45-3:00pm.
How does a student earn a Buzzy Buck?
(PARR) Productive, Appropriate, Respectful, and Responsible
The main purpose for the use of Buzzy Bucks is to encourage and recognize desired positive behaviors that are “out of ordinary”

* Teacher recognizes a couple of students who are on task and “productive”, when the rest of the class seems to be unsettled.
* Class is distracted by a disruption in the hallway, teacher recognizes the few student who remain in their seats and on task, demonstrating “appropriate” response to disruption.
*  You observe a student assisting staff or another student in a positive way. Student is showing a genuine “respectful” concern of others.
* Teacher recognizes students who showed “responsible” behavior, when they asked a classmate for the assignments they Missed, before the class starts.
Teacher/Staff will establish their own “best” method of distributing the actual Buzzy Bucks, so that it best fits their classroom management/ organizational needs.
Please try to be consistent in your distribution method, to help maintain the credibility and value of the Buzzy Bucks.