Our mission at Foreman High School is to prepare all of our students, including students with disabilities, for post-secondary learning and/or entrance into the work force by focusing on the following key competencies:

basic skills (reading, writing, mathematics),
foundation skills (knowing how to learn),
communication skills (listening and oral),
applied skills (work-place and citizenship readiness),
adaptability (creative thinking and problem solving),
group effectiveness (interpersonal skills, negotiation, teamwork),
leadership (contribute as an effective team member and a leader),
personal management (self-esteem and motivation/goal setting), and
attitude (positive orientation toward learning).


We envision Foreman High School as a superior educational environment where high quality teaching engages all students, including students with disabilities, in continuous learning. To achieve our vision we will do the following:

We will provide a safe and orderly school environment built upon mutual respect and positive behavior.
We will hold high expectations for all faculty, staff, students, and families to support an environment conducive to teaching and learning.
We will engage families as partners in the responsibility of educating our students.
We will provide a rigorous and standards-based curriculum tailored to meet the needs of our students.
We will provide a variety of course offerings to prepare students for success in post-secondary learning or entrance into the work place.
We will provide a systematic approach to supporting students’ success throughout high school.