1.   Students assigned to ISI will report to the designated area, once cleared by security personnel, inside school auditorium. Then, students will be escorted by Ms. Mary Cruz, to the In – School – Intervention Refocus Room located on the 2nd floor of our school, in room 228.
2.   No CAPS, or HATS will be allowed at any time and under any circumstances inside of the In – School – Intervention Refocus Room.
3.   There is no use of CELLPHONES or any other type of electronic devices during In – School – Intervention Refocus Room service. Nor should such devices be visible or stored inside students’ pockets. Students MUST store their phones inside their Lockers upon arrival to school. If a use of calculator is required, your teacher will provide one.
4.   There will be no EATING or DRINKING while servicing detention in In – School – Intervention Refocus Room with the exception of 5th period, which has been designated as In – School – Intervention Refocus Room Lunch. School Lunchroom personnel will deliver lunch to our room.
5.   Students are required to participate in all In – School – Intervention Refocus Room activities and assignments as designated by Mr. Asencio – Bonilla.
6.   Students are required to bring all of their work to In – School – Intervention Refocus Room and any material needed to complete their assignments (books, paper, pens, pencils, etc.).7. If a student doe not have schoolwork, Mr. Asencio will assign meaningful and applicable lessons for the student to complete during the designated schoolwork time.
8.   Students WILL NOT be permitted to go to their lockers or to see any of their teachers, once the have entered ISS. Students must take care of these matters before leaving school the day before their assigned ISS.
9.   Students are required to complete all necessary forms and assignments before leaving the Refocus Room (i.e. behavior reflection form, re – entry conversation, check out form, etc.).
10.   If students are not compliant with the rules and signature, they will be referred directly to the Dean of Students, Mr Herrera, for further discipline action.
11.   No passes allowed to the vending machines.

Daily Schedule