Morning Entry:
Enter the building through door #3 and proceed to the cafeteria
The school doors open at 8:00am 
Breakfast 8:00am – 8:45am
1st period will begin at 8:45am
Dismissal will be at 4:08pm

SY’20 Bell Schedule

Late Arrivals: 
Students who arrive late to school before 9:10am will be sent to their first period class. Students arriving after 9:10am will remain in the cafeteria. After 9:20am, attendance office will mark late students tardy in cafeteria.
Late students in the cafeteria will receive their schedules from staff and then they will be released to attend second period class when the 2nd period bell rings.
Attendance for late students will be recorded by the Attendance Office.

Registration of New Enrollments:
Counselors will register new students and returning DNA students in room 110.
Registration is on a first come – first served basis. 

Registration and Schedule Changes
Students who have not registered will wait in the Cafeteria until they are able to meet with a Counselor. Once a schedule is issued these students will proceed to class.

There will be no schedule changes during the first week of school.  Students have to follow their schedule until they receive an official program change.