Dear Parents/Guardians:

Your child’s safety is our top priority. In preparation for this Halloween weekend, we encourage parents to speak with their children about safe and appropriate conduct if they decide to allow their children to participate in Halloween activities this week. Please remind your children:

1) Their safety is your top priority. If they see any activities or situations that appear suspicious or dangerous. They should leave the area immediately and call 911.
2) They should not participate in any activities that are illegal nor should they allow their friends to participate in illegal activities. This includes blocking streets and sidewalks.
3) There is a curfew. Children ages 12 years old and younger must be inside by 9:00pm. Children ages 12 – 16 years old must be inside by 11pm.
4) There have been organized meet-ups that have been set up on social media that could potentially become unsafe if too many people show up. Young people should try to avoid these areas as past situations have quickly escalated into dangerous situations.

These friendly reminders will hopefully ensure that your child is safe throughout this weekend’s festivities.

Thank you for your support.